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About The Book

It is my hope, that as you turn the pages you will experience joy, love and happiness while caring for your ASD child despite the challenges you may face on a daily basis.


So, you were just given a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder/Persuasive Developmental Delay for your child.

Do you know what that is?
Do you know what to do next (What Now)?
Are you confused?
Do you start blaming yourself for being a bad parent?
Are you in denial?
Are you happy now that you finally received the diagnosis
for your child?
Do you want to find out why you were given this child?

This book is intended to give parents, families and caregivers tips on how to care for their ASD/PDD children. It will provide another perspective on parenting a child along the Autism spectrum Disorder. It will tell you why you were chosen to care for this child and show you how to turn challenges into rewards.

It will also help you to create a balance in your family life. The book will also show you how to take care of yourself in the process while caring for your loved ones to prevent burnout.